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In a spirit that is in many respects similar to that of the World Economics Association (WEA), A3HE commits itself

  • to plurality: A3HE will encourage the free exploration of economic reality from any perspective that adds to the sum of our understanding. To this end it advocates plurality of thought, method and philosophy.
  • to competence: A3HE accepts the perception of stakeholders that segments of the health economics profession were found out of touch with stakeholders’ values. So as to better serve society in the future, A3HE will encourage critical thought, development of new ideas, empirically based rigor and higher standards of scholarship.
  • to reality and relevance: A3HE will promote health economics’ engagement with the real world of health care provision. In this context it will also encourage health economics to give active consideration to the history, methodology, philosophy and ethics of health care, the medical professions, and health economics.
  • to openness: A3HE intends to ensure that all its processes of publication, discussion, meeting and association are transparent and open to input from all its members. To this end A3HE will constitute itself on the internet ( and use digital technologies wherever possible, including online conferencing and virtual publication.
  • to outreach: A3HE recognizes the valuable contributions to health economic thought that are made by researchers and thinkers outside the main body of economics. A3HE will encourage such people to become members and add their insights to our collective learning.
  • to ethical conduct: A3HE members are expected to adhere to the A3HE code of conduct.[1]

History demonstrates that neither economists nor members of the medical profession working in isolation are likely to achieve sub­stantive change. Therefore, A3HE commits itself to a truly multidisciplinary and inclusive approach.

Finally, A3HE commits itself to support young scientists by providing opportunities for debate, networking, growth and personal and professional development in a stimulating environ­ment.

A3HE does not claim its objectives and values are new. Critical debate abounds within the health economics profession. How­ever A3HE seeks to bring a new and positive focus to the evolution of the discipline.


[1]to be drafted by a specially appointed committee